HOUSE OF DRACULA - Poiana Brasov

We invite you to enter a modern and benefic world, a revolutionary relaxation and beauty space, which will turn your stay into a dream.

We all want to be pampered, there is no denying this. Rest assured, House of Dracula provides you with state of the art equipment in spa treatment, high-end cosmetic products and amazing personnel to make you feel like the king or queen of our castle.

Whether you are staying with us on your days off or you are here on business, there’s no excuse for missing out on your fitness. Our center is equipped with everything you need for a thorough gym session and awaits you!

Futura Pro

Uses the latest and the most revolutionary concept, i.e. “the biotic stimulation concept” for bodily and facial therapies. It has reinvigorating effects because of the electrical current, the micro-current and ultrasound transmission. The bodily treatment programs are recommended both for the refreshing and for detoxification of the skin, as well as for slimming and remodeling – fast diminishing of the circumference and slimming, anti-cellulite, diminishing of fats in the muscles, postnatal slimming.

Feng Shui capsule

Excellent relaxation treatment combining aromatherapy, chromo-therapy and sounds. The device combines two heating technologies: steam and extreme heat with infrared rays with the hydro-massage therapy through Vichi showers and water massage below the body. The results are visible as to the bodily modeling (slimming- refreshing – cellulite).

Aromatic corporal

100% manual massage, 100% natural, with smoothing effects due to the kiwi core scrub, brown sugar, white sugar and sea salt and refreshing due to the energizing massage with essential lemon, orange and grapefruit oils.

Aromatic facial

Natural relaxation treatment, with essential oils and plant concentrates featuring soothing effects and amazing skin results.


A facial relaxation treatment with orange extracts for the refreshing and reinforcement of skin, revitalizing the mature, tired complexion. The effects of this treatment are visible from the first session, the skin regaining its glow and youth.


A cleaning and hydrating treatment of the complexion based on a customized program with immediate and long term results. The skin becomes fresh, healthy and glowing.